You may experience an overwhelming sensation when you listen to Gemini Wired’s songs for the first time.  Don’t be alarmed. These reactions are completely normal when listening to Gemini’s unique sound.


Gemini Wired is a multifaceted pop artist  that raps and sings. Her music is unorthodox, unthinkable, and quite catchy. The artist teams up with production duo, Lyve City to bring her music to the next level. Together the team has put together mix tapes and untold hits on Youtube. 


Looking back Gemini Wired can reflect on features on NME,, a Clinton Sparks mixtape, and much more. Gemini has many upcoming projects in the works. She will continue to push her artistry to a place where other musicians fear to tread. Where will Gemini Wired’s journey bring her next? You’ll have to stay tuned to find out.


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